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Why Giving Back is Good for your Campground

Campground CharityGiving back does more than make a difference in your community. Participating in charitable activities can have a positive impact on your campground’s staff, your guests and your bottom line.   Customers want to support companies that demonstrate a commitment to more than earning a profit. A 2010 study showed that 85% of customers respond positively to companies that support a charity they care about.  Collaborating on charitable activities encourages team building among your staff, which can improve morale and even increase productivity.

Including volunteer days in your company’s benefit package can also attract top talent and encourage staff loyalty. A 2015 study revealed that 62% of millennials would take a pay cut to work for a company that demonstrates a commitment to social responsibility.  Convinced giving back matters? Here are a few easy ways to become more socially conscious.

Implement staff volunteer days

Allowing your staff time to volunteer in the community once or twice a year is a win-win for everyone involved.  Also consider joining or having a member of your staff join your local Rotary club or other service organization.  Your campground’s commitment to community can make a meaningful difference while raising it’s profile and earning the appreciation of your staff.

Host a community event at your campground

Schools, hospitals, libraries, community centers and children’s clubs can always use extra financial support. Choose which community organization you’d most like to support, keeping your company’s core values in mind.  Then start a campaign to raise funds for your cause. A weekend where you promote the charity and give back can become an anticipated annual event with the help of your staff and the support of your community.

KOA does this through its KOA Care Camps Big Weekend.  They use the event to raise funds to help send kids with cancer to KOA Care Camps across North America.  Many campgrounds in the Jellystone system support a similar program through Camp Sunshine.   Regardless of what charity you choose, it is important to pick something that your staff will be passionate about supporting.   Lake Rudolph Campground and RV Resort in Santa Claus, Indiana host an annual Run Run Rudolph 5K.  They donate the money raised back to a local charity.

Sponsor a donor matching program

Pledge to match donations up to a certain amount for a cause of your choice. Donor matching is a great way to inspire people to give more generously.  Knowing their donations will go further will entice people to give more.  In addition,  your campground will be remembered for your collective generosity and goodwill. Use your campground’s social media channels to spread the word and encourage your followers to support your cause.

Final tips

You’ll get a more positive response to initiating charitable efforts when you invite your staff’s involvement. Ask your employees to come up with a list of charitable initiatives that matter to them and that align with your company’s mission and values. Then take a vote on the top two or three charities you’ll work together to support that year – perhaps one local community initiative and a campaign to help a larger national charity.

Acknowledge your staff’s participation in your charitable projects and reward them for their personal contributions. Time off, a free t-shirt or a group draw for a gift card can go a long way to increasing participation and making your efforts to give back both rewarding and fun for everyone involved.    Don’t forget to publicize the success of your events and fundraising on your social media accounts.  The more you promote their success, the better your results will be next year.

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