Take time off of work, go on vacation, and have a life.

Business isn’t a burden when someone you trust has got your back — because there’s more to taxes than being on time, and there’s more to life than business.

Conquer campground ownership

 Packing in peace of mind and proactive accounting advice.

Expand horizons

If you’ve got growth and expansion on your mind (and in your heart), we’re ready to guide you there. Add acreage, activities, and infrastructure confidently, we’ll show you the best path forward to maximize your investment…and your dreams. We understand how to leverage the rules of accounting in favor of business development.

Align intentions

Your relationship with your CPA should mature in tandem with your business goals. This is a positive-feedback loop, you trust us with the inner workings of your empire-building and we’ll deliver squeaky-clean books, loan readiness, financial strategy, and bare-minimum tax bills. And together, we’ll keep Uncle Sam happy with irreproachable filings.

Plan for profitability

Many campground owners pay too much tax because they don’t receive proactive accounting advice. We specialize in helping RV park owners reduce their tax bills (legally) and build their businesses. Our team works hard to ensure you only pay what you owe and that the things you have to spend money on don’t break the bank.

Trust is Everything

“I trust Donna so much at this point she is so invested in capturing opportunities and she always sees the bigger picture. Donna is proactive, she sought out government programs that enabled us to buy 27 acres of land and accelerated depreciation of a miscategorized asset that resulted in a $40K swing in taxes.” 

Jeremy Timco, Holden Beach RV Park (read his story)