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Video Transcript:

I​t’s a new year and a new you, so let’s take a look at your duties and make sure that as a park owner, you’re not doing things that are well below your pay grade. We want to make sure that as a park owner, you are in charge of keeping the guest experience and quality high and that you’re having a great time doing it. Your guests will be able to see that. So for me, I want a park owner to be out greeting customers and guests, talking with them, enjoying what they do. They got into this business for a reason, and we want to make sure that quality shows through to your guests. If you were a park owner and you are doing the janitorial work, the landscaping work, you’re cleaning out the bathrooms, cleaning up the cabins after overnight stays. If you are the only one who knows something like where are the gas cutoffs are or the water cutoffs are, you’ve got too much on your plate. We need to make sure that this is written down so that somebody else could figure it out if they had to. Shed some of those administrative tasks or tasks that are well below what you should be doing as the owner of the park and make sure that you’re focused on growing the revenue of your park and growing the value of your park in a longterm perspective. 


Donna Bordeaux, CPA with

What happens when you send two CPAs out into the relaxing outdoors to camp? You get  Donna and Chad have over 50 years of combined experience as entrepreneurial CPAs.  They’ve owned businesses and helped business owners exceed their wildest dreams.  They camp and travel across the country every chance they get, so it’s just a natural fit that they focus their CPA skills on helping campground owners throughout the USA grow their businesses and minimize the impact of taxes.  They understand the key performance indicators and specialized issued that face RV park owners every day.