Campground Marketing Tips: Your Website

Campground Website Marketing Ideas

We are living in a time where having a campground website is no longer an option.  Few campgrounds have a huge marketing budget to work with, and this is one area where you may have to spend some money in order to get the results you are looking for in a campground website.   Fortunately, it is also an expense that will pay for itself many times over it done properly.

At a minimum, your campground website should:

  • Be visually appealing.  It shouldn’t look like it was built at the dawn of the Internet.  Look for a modern design.
  • Contain high-quality photos of your campground and its amenities
  • Contain a map of your campground and its amenities
  • Provide your current rates (or better yet, have them in an online reservation system that is integrated with your website).
  • Map out your location, particularly your address.  Unless you are in a place where GPS directions do not work, the address is more important than a long description of how to get there.  Most people will not read it and will use a GPS anyway.  Put your address on every page.
  • Clearly display your telephone number.  This is one of the most important things that for some reason, people overlook.  Your phone number should be clearly visible on every page of your campground website.  Potential guests will have questions about amenities and availability and often are ready to book a reservation while they are online.  If your campground isn’t ready to accommodate them, the park down the road may be.
  • Be Mobile Friendly.  We are in an age where a large percentage of web browsing is done via a smartphone.  Be sure that your website looks great on phones, tablets, as well as a traditional web browser.

Consider adding an online reservation system to your campground website.   If chosen properly, an online reservation system should generate more money than it costs through increased bookings, the sale of add-on products and services, a reduced strain on the time of office staff, and with yield management (programmed price adjustments based upon demand.)

There are an overwhelming number of firms marketing software for this purpose.  Be sure to work with a technology advisor who can steer you in the right direction to pick an online reservation system that is right for your campground.  Here at Campground Accounting, we routinely advise our clients on technology options such as this for their campground.

Do not confuse an online reservation system with a web form for requesting a reservation.  These are highly discouraged as guests often feel they are filling out a form, sending it into space and have no idea when or if they will ever hear from anyone.     If you must use a web form, be sure to contact potential guests quickly.  With some campgrounds, it takes as much as a week (or more) for them to respond to reservation requests.  Often times, guest have moved on to another option.  When guests are online and engaged, they want to make a reservation and feel assured that they have it secured.   They do not want to wait an extended period of time to find out if your campground is right for them.

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